So the day is here, for a lot of people the day they have not been looking forward to for a long time. Tomorrow looks like it’s the day that Facebook finally starts to stamp its authority on Instagram following its purchase of the Social Network a while back, and makes a fundamental change to the way the picture based social network is viewed.

Instagram is moving from a Chronological Timeline (like Twitter) to an Algorithmic Feed (exactly like Facebook), so what will this mean to the common user you may ask? Simple, instead of working though your feed until you stumble across the last picture you viewed, Faceagram will decided what posts you want to see and the order you see them, based on one of its Algorithms that work out what’s most important to you. I’m still wondering why I just can’t decide what’s important to me and vote with a simple swipe of my finger, however I guess the users don’t always know what’s best for them.

Facebooks timeline just feels a little chaotic with posts from yesterday popping up at the top of your feed over a post from a friend a couple of hours ago. I find this really annoying and I end up missing a some things that I would have liked to comment on, then feel awkward commenting days later.

I guess some people will have a problem with this, some Facebook lovers may not, the big question is whether this is just another step towards the Facebookication of a once ‘Cool’ social network. 

The first move to change Instagram into a Facebook style model was the ads Instagram introduced into people’s feeds a few months back, as far as i’m concerned this seems to have subsided to me only seeing one every few weeks, this is a different story to when this was introduced, at its height I was seeing up to 10 ad’s a day, all of which were completely irrelevant to me and my interests.

My entire feed today is users I follow trying to keep their presence in the limelight by begging their followers to turn on notifications for their posts so their followers ‘Never Miss’ an important post. 

I’ll comment more after a few weeks more of use. Unless it really winds me up and I find myself getting so annoyed with it that I take a break……. 



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