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A Ruthless or a Move of Genius?

The news has just broken, and it’s sure to raise a few eyebrows in the F1 Paddock. 

Red Bull Racing have mad the shock decision to swap Danill Kvyat for its Junior Torro Rosso driver Max Verstappen. While this seems like a shock move just four races into the longest F1 season in history, the big question is this a great move to lock down The Hottest Talent in F1 or just a move to punish Kvyat for altercations on the track with Red Bulls previous driver and 4-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel?

Sunday showed Kvyat has a lot to learn and has not fulfilled his potential since moving to the senior team, his results haven’t matched his team-mate and driving into the back of a World Champion twice in the space of a few corners thus putting him out of the race was not his greatest moment. 

The incident in question was punished by the race stewards with a 10 second Stop-and-Go penalty which judging by today’s news was not deemed harsh enough by Red Bull’s Dr Helmut Marko.

The writing could have been on the wall when Vettel approach his old team boss Christian Horner on the pit wall to complain about their current drivers lack of skill and common sense.

And after their previous clash a few weeks earlier for which the younger less experienced Kvyat was hailed for standing up to Vettel after a racing incident, it seems there is only a certain number of mistakes you can make without paying the price with a very public wrist slap.

The Other issue here is the promotion of Max Verstappen to the senior team, after an amazing first season in which the 18 year old shone like a star, with great overtakes and finishes which were above the capabilities of the car. This move could also be seen as a way of fending off any Interest for the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes, by putting the youngster at the head of a team that is surely going to be back at the sharp end of the grid once they have a power plant capable of living up to the potential of the argueably the best Chassis in the game.

The Cut Throat world of F1, at its worst or finest? A show nevertheless…..


Hillsborough Inquiry

With the results our today for the latest Hillsborough inquiry, I decided my latest drawing would be a Liverbird. It will be a very emotional day for a lot of people today. My thoughts will be with the families and I’m hoping the will finally get closure and the answers they have seeked for so many years.

We are Liverpool, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

This could be worrying

I’m starting to worry about what’s going through my mind when I start to Draw, maybe this is down to the fact that I’m not planning out what I want to do in advance. The final results just seem to be a random selection of when I’m thinking about at the time, however this seems to be more a chaotic jumble of random things added into a page (or iPad screen as the case maybe).

It’s not that I don’t like the drawings I’m doing, I love them…… It’s the comments I’m getting from Friends that are concerning.

I’m just weird.

My Latest one is no exception.




Ok, so this is the thing……  A few weeks ago I went back to using Facebook after a few years away, i’ve been using other Social Networks such as Twitter and Instagram. I was a little sceptical about returning as I had been becoming very disalusioned with the whole site and its Privacy Settings. It had also started to become full of adverts and Games.

I decided I’d deactivate my Account and leave.

A few years later I felt like I was becoming very anti-social and was possibly missing out on information and interaction with friends and family I hadn’t seen in a loving time.

It’s now been eight weeks since I went back and I’m now getting to the place where I was before I left, there is information I feel I need and an awful lot I don’t.

So this is how I see the Breakdown:-

  • 5% is worthy information, that is extremely positive, worthwhile and needs to be seem by as many people as possible. This is a mixture of Charity, Good Causes and people that need help.
  • 5% is just pure and simply attacks at other people, this usually takes the form of indirect digs via the form of Pictures or Status Updates, this is Negativity I DO NOT NEED in my life at the moment.
  • 10% is other information that is nice to see, whether it be pictures of friends, updates on what they are doing, or just the commenting on other peoples updates which are also worth the time of reading.
  • The final 80% is where I have the problem, this is generally crap that has been shared on a vast array of subjects which generally have No Relevance to me and I assume the majority of Friends and family ‘The Share’ reaches.

So you can maybe see my dilemma, does the 15% of information I want to see outweigh my annoyance at the vast amount of pure dross I have to ensure to get to see the things I want to see.

At the point someone might interrupt me and tell me there is a setting I can just turn on and all my woes (Shared Dross) will disappear in one click of the mouse or touch of the screen………… Please someone tell me there is a setting, as there is only a certain amount of ‘Dog Memes’ that any man can take without breaking.

I await a response in Hope more than expectation.

Reliving My Childhood Again….

Through Drawing………

The more and more I’ve been drawing on my iPad, the more I remember how much I enjoy it. The time seems to move so fast and without even realising an hour or even two has disappeared.

This time I decided to draw a Skull, in school (many years ago) I found these extremely difficult and could never quite master them, and age and time didn’t heal this particular issue.

Overall I’m happy with it, and maybe later in the year I will attempt another to give me a barometer of improvement.


40 Years of Apple

The 1st of April 2016 sees the 40th year anniversary of the Biggest Company in the World, this has passed very low key by Apple themselves with just a mention from Tim Cook during the iPad Pro 9.7″ Launch and nothing of the milestone marked on their website.

Apple have never been a company to look to the past, so I wasn’t expecting a massive deal made of it, however that could be down to the more measured and less flamboyant CEO. (Some nice reductions in an AppStore Sale would have been nice)

Apple continue to evolve their products, and their product development doesn’t seem to be slowing with the new iPhone SE going on sale yesterday and the iPhone 7 to be released later in the year. There will also be undoubtebly some Mac upgrades and along with the software upgrades in the form of OSX and iOS10.

The big question seems to be…… Where is that new game changing product? And where do they go from here? Apple Car seems a way off and their last new product was just a massive improvement on Smartwatches that were already on the market.

There is no doubt Apple can change a product category by doing things better, can they start leading the way again?

Happy 40th Birthday Apple, here’s to the next 40 years. 


Summer is Coming

The temperature is already rising, I’m not putting the Central Heating on as much and the nights are becoming lighter.

Summer is on its way, meals outside in the evenings, long walks and bike rides after work, beach walks.

It’s a great time of the year, in fact it’s the best time of the year.

This picture was taken on my favourite beach, we visit Newgale in Pembrokeshire a few times a year. 

I can’t wait to spend more time there.