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This could be worrying

I’m starting to worry about what’s going through my mind when I start to Draw, maybe this is down to the fact that I’m not planning out what I want to do in advance. The final results just seem to be a random selection of when I’m thinking about at the time, however this seems to be more a chaotic jumble of random things added into a page (or iPad screen as the case maybe).

It’s not that I don’t like the drawings I’m doing, I love them…… It’s the comments I’m getting from Friends that are concerning.

I’m just weird.

My Latest one is no exception.



Art is Subjective

This is a lot more abstract than my previous drawings, and the reaction I’m anticipating will be more extreme. Art is subjective and as the saying goes….. Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.


Comment, if you like it or hate it…… 

Drawing Again

After over 20 years, I’ve started drawing properly again.

I haven’t really drawn much since I left school at 19 having finished my A-Levels in Art and Art History, after leaving school and moving into full-time employment, starting and raising a family and generally finding hundreds of other things that needed to be done first, drawing was never a priority……. Until now!

I recently purchased an iPad Pro 12.9″ with an Apple Pencil, and there my love of drawing re-ignited.

Here is my first real offering, a little on the dark side, however I’m happy with it.

Apple Smart Keyboard…. Initial Thoughts

This is the first time I’m using the Apple Smart Keyboard, Firstly the ease of which the keyboard connects to the iPad is typical Apple, it just snaps into place with the same re-assuring snap of a Smart Cover, and it’s also so very simple to set up into a Laptop type position.
The Angle of the screen also seems like a lot of thought has been put into this, without the angle adjustment of a normal laptop, the angle of the screen had to be just right….. And it is.

Next is the feel of the keys, at first the keys feel rigid, and very ‘Clicky’ for the want of a better word, as I’m typing this the keys are already starting to feel a lot more natural, with the extra speed of physical keys over the touchscreen already becoming noticeable.

I’ve used the on-screen keyboard to type two handed on a few occasions with the iPad Pro, this was achieved with a very low angle created with my iPad case’s Smart Cover. The speed of typing is on a par, however it’s all down to the angle the Smart Keyboard achieves as to its effectiveness as a Laptop Replacement.

The keyboard is a superb addition to the iPad Pro, however wouldn’t be suitable for most iPad Users. It’s use is plain and simple…… Writing.

If your a Student, Businessman, Teacher or Blogger, this is a sound purchase. If not, this will be an expense that will be not really justifiable.

Then you have the cost, my 128GB iPad Pro was £799.00GBP with the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil that puts the overall cost at £1,017.00GBP, Which is only £30.00GBP cheaper than the new MacBook.

It’s a superb piece of kit with very few flaws, however there does need to a lot of thought into which will be your best option.

Hope this Helps.