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This could be worrying

I’m starting to worry about what’s going through my mind when I start to Draw, maybe this is down to the fact that I’m not planning out what I want to do in advance. The final results just seem to be a random selection of when I’m thinking about at the time, however this seems to be more a chaotic jumble of random things added into a page (or iPad screen as the case maybe).

It’s not that I don’t like the drawings I’m doing, I love them…… It’s the comments I’m getting from Friends that are concerning.

I’m just weird.

My Latest one is no exception.



Art is Subjective

This is a lot more abstract than my previous drawings, and the reaction I’m anticipating will be more extreme. Art is subjective and as the saying goes….. Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.


Comment, if you like it or hate it…… 

Reliving My Childhood Again….

Through Drawing………

The more and more I’ve been drawing on my iPad, the more I remember how much I enjoy it. The time seems to move so fast and without even realising an hour or even two has disappeared.

This time I decided to draw a Skull, in school (many years ago) I found these extremely difficult and could never quite master them, and age and time didn’t heal this particular issue.

Overall I’m happy with it, and maybe later in the year I will attempt another to give me a barometer of improvement.


40 Years of Apple

The 1st of April 2016 sees the 40th year anniversary of the Biggest Company in the World, this has passed very low key by Apple themselves with just a mention from Tim Cook during the iPad Pro 9.7″ Launch and nothing of the milestone marked on their website.

Apple have never been a company to look to the past, so I wasn’t expecting a massive deal made of it, however that could be down to the more measured and less flamboyant CEO. (Some nice reductions in an AppStore Sale would have been nice)

Apple continue to evolve their products, and their product development doesn’t seem to be slowing with the new iPhone SE going on sale yesterday and the iPhone 7 to be released later in the year. There will also be undoubtebly some Mac upgrades and along with the software upgrades in the form of OSX and iOS10.

The big question seems to be…… Where is that new game changing product? And where do they go from here? Apple Car seems a way off and their last new product was just a massive improvement on Smartwatches that were already on the market.

There is no doubt Apple can change a product category by doing things better, can they start leading the way again?

Happy 40th Birthday Apple, here’s to the next 40 years. 


Drawing Again

After over 20 years, I’ve started drawing properly again.

I haven’t really drawn much since I left school at 19 having finished my A-Levels in Art and Art History, after leaving school and moving into full-time employment, starting and raising a family and generally finding hundreds of other things that needed to be done first, drawing was never a priority……. Until now!

I recently purchased an iPad Pro 12.9″ with an Apple Pencil, and there my love of drawing re-ignited.

Here is my first real offering, a little on the dark side, however I’m happy with it.