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Ok, so this is the thing……  A few weeks ago I went back to using Facebook after a few years away, i’ve been using other Social Networks such as Twitter and Instagram. I was a little sceptical about returning as I had been becoming very disalusioned with the whole site and its Privacy Settings. It had also started to become full of adverts and Games.

I decided I’d deactivate my Account and leave.

A few years later I felt like I was becoming very anti-social and was possibly missing out on information and interaction with friends and family I hadn’t seen in a loving time.

It’s now been eight weeks since I went back and I’m now getting to the place where I was before I left, there is information I feel I need and an awful lot I don’t.

So this is how I see the Breakdown:-

  • 5% is worthy information, that is extremely positive, worthwhile and needs to be seem by as many people as possible. This is a mixture of Charity, Good Causes and people that need help.
  • 5% is just pure and simply attacks at other people, this usually takes the form of indirect digs via the form of Pictures or Status Updates, this is Negativity I DO NOT NEED in my life at the moment.
  • 10% is other information that is nice to see, whether it be pictures of friends, updates on what they are doing, or just the commenting on other peoples updates which are also worth the time of reading.
  • The final 80% is where I have the problem, this is generally crap that has been shared on a vast array of subjects which generally have No Relevance to me and I assume the majority of Friends and family ‘The Share’ reaches.

So you can maybe see my dilemma, does the 15% of information I want to see outweigh my annoyance at the vast amount of pure dross I have to ensure to get to see the things I want to see.

At the point someone might interrupt me and tell me there is a setting I can just turn on and all my woes (Shared Dross) will disappear in one click of the mouse or touch of the screen………… Please someone tell me there is a setting, as there is only a certain amount of ‘Dog Memes’ that any man can take without breaking.

I await a response in Hope more than expectation.