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A Ruthless or a Move of Genius?

The news has just broken, and it’s sure to raise a few eyebrows in the F1 Paddock. 

Red Bull Racing have mad the shock decision to swap Danill Kvyat for its Junior Torro Rosso driver Max Verstappen. While this seems like a shock move just four races into the longest F1 season in history, the big question is this a great move to lock down The Hottest Talent in F1 or just a move to punish Kvyat for altercations on the track with Red Bulls previous driver and 4-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel?

Sunday showed Kvyat has a lot to learn and has not fulfilled his potential since moving to the senior team, his results haven’t matched his team-mate and driving into the back of a World Champion twice in the space of a few corners thus putting him out of the race was not his greatest moment. 

The incident in question was punished by the race stewards with a 10 second Stop-and-Go penalty which judging by today’s news was not deemed harsh enough by Red Bull’s Dr Helmut Marko.

The writing could have been on the wall when Vettel approach his old team boss Christian Horner on the pit wall to complain about their current drivers lack of skill and common sense.

And after their previous clash a few weeks earlier for which the younger less experienced Kvyat was hailed for standing up to Vettel after a racing incident, it seems there is only a certain number of mistakes you can make without paying the price with a very public wrist slap.

The Other issue here is the promotion of Max Verstappen to the senior team, after an amazing first season in which the 18 year old shone like a star, with great overtakes and finishes which were above the capabilities of the car. This move could also be seen as a way of fending off any Interest for the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes, by putting the youngster at the head of a team that is surely going to be back at the sharp end of the grid once they have a power plant capable of living up to the potential of the argueably the best Chassis in the game.

The Cut Throat world of F1, at its worst or finest? A show nevertheless…..